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REFINED Walnut Oil 3370

Brand: ゼッキ|ZECCHI
Material: Walnut Oil
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125ml JPY 1,320 tax in
250ml JPY 1,980 tax in


Free shipping to Japan for orders of JPY 20,000 excluding tax or more.


Walnut Oil is extracted from the seeds of the walnut tree and used as a painting medium for oil painting. It dries slower than linseed oil, but is less prone to yellowing after drying, therefore more suitable for light color paints. To extract the most oil, the seeds are hot-pressed, and the oil is carefully refined and filtered to remove impurities produced in the process. It dries better than cold-pressed but tends to turn a yellowish color.
※Yellowing = paint turns yellowish over time.

◼️Drying time Fast (Linseed oil) > Slow (Poppy oil ≒ Walnut oil)
◼Yellowing Strong (Linseed oil) > Weak (Poppy oil ≒ Walnut oil)

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