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Bamboo Washi for Watercolor Art Card

Brand: アワガミファクトリー|Awagami Factory
Material: Bamboo Pulp 70%, Recycled Washi 30%
amount/size price
15 sheets(100×148mm, 250/㎡) JPY 660 tax in
15 sheets(228×158mm, 250/㎡) JPY 1,320 tax in


Free shipping to Japan for orders of JPY 20,000 excluding tax or more.


Ideal for watercolor painting.
Bamboo Washi for Watercolor Art Card has applied with thick Dosa sizing for preventing the color bleeds.
The smooth surface provides a silky touch feel and it makes your colors look better on paper.
Besides watercolors, it is also suitable for letterpress printing.

*Papers are not glued on like art pads.

Acid-free paper, Calcium Carbonate contained, Dosa-sized, Chlorine-free

Thickness : 250g/m2

(15 sheets)

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