Conditions of Personal Information Disclosure to Third Parties by PIGMENT TOKYO

PIGMENT TOKYO will provide customers' personal information to third parties. This case includes providing personal information to the service providers who use servers or other services outside of Japan.

Purposes of Provision to Third Parties

1.To provide purchase procedures, product shipping, membership management, and other services (such as advertising) related to PIGMENT TOKYO's services (such as art materials sales) by using an EC platform service (Shopify).
(We use the service of a payment processing company "Shopify Payments" to process payments on our behalf, and we do not acquire any customer information necessary for payment).

2.To provide information and advertisement related to PIGMENT TOKYO's services (such as art materials sales ) through the audience network service (Meta Platforms).

Personal Information to be Provided

1.Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Purchased Products, and so on.
For more information, please refer to the following link.

2.Email address

The manners of the Information Provision

1.Registration on EC Platforms

2.Manual Upload to Meta Platforms

Attributes of the Organizations Receiving the Information

1.EC platform Service Provider(Shopify, Inc)

2.Audience Network Company(Meta Platforms Inc.)

Providing Countries

1.United States of America, Singapore, Canada

2.United States of America, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark

Legal System of the Providing Countries

1. (United States of America) (Singapore) (Canada)

2. (Ireland) (Sweden) (Denmark)

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