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VERNET Bismuth Yellow

Brand: ホルベイン|Holbein
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Brilliant colors, delicate texture, adhesiveness to the surface, solidity, and beautiful transparency- Vernet is ideal oil paint which combines all these features. Its quality is more than expected.
What is ideal oil paint? Holbein went back to 15th to16th centuries to find answers in the old masters’ paintings. Oil paint was new at the time period, but brilliance and clarity of colors were valued already and the paints even had fastness to keep the colors for hundreds of years. The oil paints in the old time were primitive however their potential as paint was very high. We found the valuable knowledge from the past but we do not just reproduce the primitive paint. Vernet is created by using latest Holbein’s technology. It is only used organic pigments and oils like the old recipe, but when the size of particles in paints are adjusted in micron order, the newest production machine and professional skill are necessary. Some new kind of pigments are also positively taken in to create the paint colors. Old masters would be surprised with the smooth texture and the saturated colors of Vernet oil paints.

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