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Brand: 名村大成堂|NAMURA
Material: Kolinsky Sable hair
amount/size price
No.6 Round Tip21×Φ4mm JPY 6,050 tax in (JPY 5,500)
No.8 Round Tip24×Φ5mm JPY 3,960 tax in (JPY 3,600)
No.10 Round Tip27×Φ6mm JPY 5,060 tax in (JPY 4,600)


Free shipping to Japan for orders of JPY 20,000 excluding tax or more.


This uses kolinsky sable from Siberia. The tip is flexible and settles well, and it has body. The tip is thin and the root is rather full. This absorbs paint well and is very similar to the SK-Mercury. However, since the hair tip is slightly shorter than the SK-Mercury, more modulated and thin lines can be painted using the tip.

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