A Traditional Art Materials Lab for Creating the Now

In today's information-centric society, digitalization is progressing even in artistic expression, enabling us to visualize things that we may never have seen or experienced before.
At the same time, there remain many highly refined art materials manufactured using methods developed over great lengths of time, by craftsmen who have engaged in a dialogue with and found ingenious uses for their raw materials.
There is meaning behind the form each of these materials takes, and the diversity and unpredictability that arise from the uniquely analog variations in their color and texture are expressed through their use.
For many years, the individuality and feel of art materials like these have continued to inspire artists.
Our goal in launching PIGMENT is to pass down and preserve the techniques these "things" generate, regardless of their age.

A modern design constructed using organic curved surfaces inspired by bamboo blinds
by the Japanese and world renowned architect, Kengo Kuma.
The painting tools on display richly light up the room.
The bamboo stretches from the roof to the eaves,
and the open space creates a sense of unity with the outdoors that enriches your imaginations just by visiting.


At PIGMENT, we carry art supplies that, around the world, are considered extremely rare.
We take on the role of a museum, displaying these traditional materials and passing them on to the next generation.


Natural pigments of Azurite blue and Marachite green, made from stones of the finest quality.
A wide range of vehicles, including original glues that combine the latest technology with ancient manufacturing methods.
Industrial pigments based on cutting-edge German science.
Brushes with an exquisitely delicate touch that can only come from the skill of experienced craftsmen.
We also offer a variety of other products that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.


Our Academy offers the finest in technology and knowledge,
with small-group instruction provided in both traditional and the latest techniques.
Everyone from beginners to professional artists is welcome to join us in discovering new expressive potential.


Open Hours
11:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Closed on Mondays & Thursdays
TERRADA Harbor One Bldg. 1F 2-5-5 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 JAPAN
About 3-minute walk from Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Rinkai Line 'Tennozu Isle Station'
About 5-minute walk from Tokyo Monorail 'Tennoz Isle Station'