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Moriage Gofun

Material: Calcium carbonate (Itabo oyster)
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Moriage Gofun is used to add thickness to a painting surface.
It has rough and uneven particles that minimize peeling off from the surface, but its color rank is lower than Shirayukiin Gofun.
For the top layer of paint or beautiful white color, select Gofun from Shirayukiin, Hakujuin, or Kinhoin.

※ Moriage Gofun is already in powder form, so there is no need to grind it with a mortar and pestle.

Gofun, a traditional Japanese white color, is a pigment composed mainly of calcium carbonate derived from natural Itabo oysters.

After leaving the shells outdoors for 10 to 15 years to let the weather crush and ground them into a fine powder, they are then ground into a fine powder using a millstone. At the same time, the shell powder is purified by water and then naturally dried into thin sheets.
Sumi ink, vermillion, and other pigments can be mixed with it.

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