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Mukouboku (Animal-free Inkstick)

Brand: 呉竹|KURETAKE
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Mukouboku (Animal-free Inkstick) JPY 6,600 tax in


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Mukouboku (Animal-Free Ink Stick) is available exclusively at PIGMENT TOKYO.

A vegan-friendly Sumi inkstick developed by Kuretake that does not contain animal glue. Although Sumi ink not containing animal glue had been requested, there has not been any adhesive that can replace the unique properties of animal glue, such as being water-soluble, stable and solid when dry, and re-soluble. This time, the Kuretake company succeeded in developing a glue with the properties by combining its 120 years of ink-making techniques and knowledge and producing an animal-free Sumi inkstick. The vegan-friendly Sumi ink is a good match for the She inkstones (歙州硯) and is recommended for use as dark ink.

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