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Fuji Kozo Roll

Brand: アワガミファクトリー|Awagami Factory
Material: Kozo plant (Broussonetia Papyrifera, Paper Mulberry Tree)
amount/size price
3g/㎡ 1×10m JPY 9,900 tax in (JPY 9,000)
5g/㎡ 1×10m JPY 9,900 tax in (JPY 9,000)
10g/㎡ 1×10m JPY 11,550 tax in (JPY 10,500)


Free shipping to Japan for orders of JPY 20,000 excluding tax or more.


Fuji Kozo Roll is made of 100% home-grown domestic Paper Mulberry Trees, and is designed to be used as a restoration material.
Lightweight and translucent characteristics making it very popular for art and display uses.

Chlorine-free, acid-free paper

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