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Saiboku (color ink stick) Suzaku (Red)

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
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W16xD64xH7(mm) JPY 4,950 tax in


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< Size of Paulownia Wood Box>W34xD80xxD18(mm)

This is a vermilion ink stick made by using cinnabar and animal glue that is the original vermilion. A heavy red unique to the cinnabar can be expressed.

Rubs a color ink stick with a small amount of water on a ceramic ink stone.
When mix colors, colors are tend to be separated
because of the difference of specific gravity that pigments have,
so please stir well the ink everytime.
By adding animal glue, it can have various expression
and will be easier to rub the color ink stick.
Afer using, wipe the moisure on it for avoiding cracks.

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