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Hyakusenboku 61 Doki

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
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This ink stick is produced with animal glue adjusted so that the dispersion of carbon particles is constricted a little, making it possible to express the rustic hue and the thickness of the color of sumi. Though its hue is a bit murky, the graceful seiboku (blue ink stick) is apparently quiet and clearly bright provided with warmth and grace. It is almost impossible to describe the nuance of the color of this ink stick. The seiboku (blue ink stick) can be used with any shade of black, thick, medium, or thin, for Shosuji (two or several characters), modern poems, Kana (Japanese syllabary characters) on hanging scroll ( on processed paper) and Suibokuga (ink-wash painting). When you use this ink stick as usuzumi with any gradation of thinness from usuzumi to almost water), you can take advantage of the characteristics of this ink stick. As the years go by, it will develop distinct properties and characteristics. Manufactured in 1986.

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