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Hyakusenboku 71 Tanho Cyoyo

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
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For this ink stick, pure plant-derived raw pine burnt soot and mineral oil soot are evenly kneaded with animal glue liquid to constrict the dispersion of carbon particles for an ink stick that feels smooth and graceful during use. The ink stick will produce a special color by blending not only the bluish brown obtained by the mixture of the bluish purple derived from the pine soot and the brown derived from mineral oil soot but also the intrinsic color of the animal glue. This ink stick has a characteristic graceful color with an unusual bluish brown tone. Until the Meiji and Taisho periods, there used to be a high-quality ink stick from Nara made by mixing raw pine burnt soot (about 10%, 20%, 50%) into plant-derived oil soot. We have been wanting to produce one brand in the Hyakusenboku series made with this ancient technique. In those days, when they mixed plant-derived pine oil soot with oil soot, the characteristics did not change so much since the ingredients were both plant-derived. With the idea that the beauty comes out of the harmony of conflict, we tried to mix plant-derived raw pine soot with mineral oil soot. Thus, we succeeded in producing a unique bluish brown toned ink stick that has never been seen in China or Japan. The ink stick produced in this way this time is only丹鳳朝陽(Tanhochoyo, red phoenix sunrise), and there will be no other brand made in this way. As the years go by, the ink stick will grow and its outstanding characteristics will become obvious. Manufactured in 1988.

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