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Hyakusenboku 72 Sinsen Fuki

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
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Hyakusenboku 72 Sinsen Fuki JPY 78,100 tax in


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This ink stick is made so that the dispersion of carbon particles is more constricted and it creates an overall quiet impression harmonized with the strength and lightness of the color of sumi as it is given grace with white light and red. The color this ink stick creates is overall quiet bluish in tone with a strong bluish purple. The little reddish opaqueness will materialize the thickness and strength of the sumi. These characteristics make this ink stick a bluish purple seiboku (blue ink stick) with a quiet warm tone. As the years go by, the composition of the ink stick will converge to make the shin (the core, the stroke by the brush) and nijimi (blurring around the edge of the stroke) more distinctive and the tone of the sumi more emphasized. As the ink stick will dry with age, the properties and characteristics of the sumi will become more remarkable. This 神仙富貴 (shinsenfuki, immortal and wealth) can be used for both calligraphy and painting. Manufactured in 1989

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