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Hyakusenboku 73 Kyokujitsu Tosyo

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
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Hyakusenboku 73 Kyokujitsu Tosyo JPY 74,800 tax in


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In terms of its composition, the dispersion of carbon particles is suppressed as much as possible, and with the harmony of darkness and strength in a plain feeling, we added a redness and white light for elegance and warmth to create a blue that is graceful. In terms of color, we added a slight darkness and opaqueness to the plain blueness, and it is a blue that has thickness with a bluish purple-type redness. As it gets older, we believe the ink stick will grow and its personality and features will become stronger. We are excited about how things will change in the future and how the kogaboku will be expressed. This kyokujitsu tosho can also be used for paintings. Manufactured in 1989

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