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Hyakusenboku 75 Ganko

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
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Hyakusenboku 75 Ganko JPY 68,200 tax in


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In terms of its composition, the dispersion of carbon particles is suppressed as much as possible, and with the harmony of brightness and warmth (redness) unique to rakumatsu ink sticks overall, it creates a color of elegance. If this rakumatsu ink stick is left alone on the ground for approximately 20 -30 years after cutting, the stem and bark of the outer layer peels off, and only the pine resin remains. By collecting this and naturally drying it (sapwood), the pine smoke is created by putting it in fire. The color of the pine smoke of this type of sapwood naturally differs in color. As a result of repeated tests, the ink stick with a special color of today was created. However, it is impossible to gather larger amounts of this raw material, and it cannot be mass-produced. In addition, the color of this finished pine smoke all differs in color bale after bale, and it does not create the same ink stick. It means that it is a unique ink stick that cannot be found anywhere else. In terms of color, for the light ink stick, it is an elegant color with a redness (warmth). This redness in this case is different from the redness of paint. It can be said that it is a redness created from the mix of various factors of nature. Rather than calling it “red”, it is more along the lines of “inevitable” that the complex and elegant darkness light red brown has. In other words, it is a color that contains a small amount of indigo blue created naturally. For the thick to extra thick ink stick, it is an elegant black with thickness, strength, and beauty. It is a bluish purple-type color. This color of thick and light ink stick cannot be expressed using the standard ink sticks. As it gets older, we believe its personality will get stronger. Manufactured in 1989

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