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Hyakusenboku 78 Zakuro

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
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Hyakusenboku 78 Zakuro JPY 59,400 tax in


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In terms of its composition, the dispersion of carbon particles is slightly suppressed, and in an overall plain feeling, there is a harmony of warmth and brightness. We added three-dimensionality (separation of the core and bleeding) and thickness to the color. In terms of color, for the light ink stick, we added a slight blueness to the base of black with a shade of redness overall, and the opaqueness became the thickness and strength of the color. It is a blue with a shade of gray blue that is calm and plain. For the thick ink stick, it is a bluish purple-type color with a shade of white light. It is a refined and calm blue-type black with thickness. It can be used for kanji and kana in thick or light ink sticks, and it is a complex color that never existed in the hyakusenboku until now. As it gets older, we believe the ink stick calms in color, and its three-dimensionality, sharpness, personality, and features grow stronger. Manufactured in 1990

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