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Hyakusenboku Kinenboku Soryu

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Hyakusenboku Kinenboku Soryu JPY 198,000 tax in


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Since the start of sale of the Hyakusenboku in 1971, after spending 15 years, we reached the turning point of 50 types in 1985. To celebrate this event, we specially manufactured this product. The ink stick to celebrate the completion of 50 types, “SORYU (grass dragon)”, is a product we believe is not shameful that can be passed on to future generations as a celebratory ink stick of the hyakusenboku. In particular, the quality and form of the ink stick is carefully considered, and it uses raw pine ink stick of the highest quality as its raw material. The manufacturing methods of hyakusenboku, No. 5 Setsumu, No. 7 Hoko, No. 20 Keishitsu dankei, and No. 47 Kitokurenka all slightly differ, but we believe they are all dreamlike ink stick colors. The ink stick color is a red purple-type black, and we believe its personality will get stronger as it gets older. Manufactured in 1986

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