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Duan Inkstone Mashikou Oval 5inch

Material: Duan
amount/size price
H×W×D: 12.5×9×1cm JPY 19,800 tax in


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【How to Use】
Place a small amount of water on the surface of the inkstone, and rub the ink stick with a circular motion, without exerting any pressure.
After finishing rubbing, transfer the liquid ink to a porcelain plate or other container, and wash the inkstone with lukewarm water immediately.

It is a renowned inkstone from China. The stone is relatively soft, with a Mohs hardness of 3.5, and its softness makes it easy to carve, so there are many decorative pieces. There are many types of stone, and the quality and name of the stone varies depending on the cave where it is mined. The best one is from a cave called "Laokeng (老坑)," where river water flows in, and its texture is very smooth and fine. Therefore, it can be used to rub down ink stick very smoothly, and it has good water retention and does not dry out easily. This is why it works well with ink sticks made of oil soot. In addition, the stone patterns that appear on the surface of the inkstone are so broad and rich that even each pattern has its own name.

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