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Saiboku Aya Ai (Color Ink Stick Indigo)

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
Material: Inorganic Pigment・Organic Pigment・Animal Glue
amount/size price
About 66×34×8.5mm JPY 1,210 tax in


Free shipping to Japan for orders of JPY 20,000 excluding tax or more.


【Product Feature】
Japanese traditional colors are depicted by using inorganic pigments and organic pigments properly with high technology.
Since it is used with highly transparent animal glue, it is suitable for mounting for expressing the original saturated color of the pigments.
This is a very fine ink color that provides both light and deep colors.
It is suitable for varied styles of paintings, such as Japanese painting, ink painting, watercolor painting, and calligraphy.

【Description of Usage】
Rub a color ink stick with a small amount of water on a ceramic ink stone.
Stir the ink well every time when mixing colors, because it can be easily separated due to the difference of pigments’ gravity.
Will be easier to rub by adding animal glue.
After using a color ink stick, wipe the moisture on it to avoid cracks.

【Product Size】
About 66×34×8.5mm(Color Ink Stick)77×39×15mm(Paper Box)


【Colored Ink Sticks】  <SAIBOKU AYA>  These are color ink sticks which can be grinded  with water on the white ceramic ink stones.  SAIBOKU AYA is one of the popular products which is also Perfect as a gift! You can try the all 18 traditional japanese colors in our store!???  We also have online store, and we ship worldwide. Tap the tag and check the details of the products!  < 彩墨 あや>   職人の手により丁寧に仕上げた日本の伝統色を再現した彩墨です。 白い硯で磨ることで色の下りと発色が良いです。  店内で是非試し磨りをしてみてください?

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