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Brand: ホルベイン|Holbein
Material: Polarization pigment
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30ml JPY 2,970 tax in


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Opacity ★★★★
Lightfastness ★★★★
※The rating is based on the manufacturer's standards.

The left side of the color sample shows on a black foundation, and the right side shows the paint on a white foundation.

Acrylic resin paints which compound polarization pigments.
It can be diluted with water, and it becomes water resistance after it is dried.
Six of chromashine colors are opaque so base color does not affect to the colors. On the other hand, four chroma pearl colors are translucent. Base colors show through the sparkling paints, and it changes how these colors look.
This series of paints can be used with other acrylic paints series and mediums.

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