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Brand: デリバン|DERIVAN
Material: Natural Pigments Acrylic Paints
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Most pigments have their historically and geographically roots.
This Maya series is inspired by the history of Mayan culture, and made with pigments derived from nature. Mayan civilization was existed in the center part of the American continent.
It was the very advanced civilization in the fields of architecture,science, and art.
The words “Maya” is quoted as people who share their cultures and traditions.
During the classic period (for seven centuries), artistic experiments were very active in the civilization.
Mayan people created the pigment called Mayan blue with indigo leaves and clay.
This blue was holy color for them, and it was used for rituals, art objects, and mural paintings.
At the time, the blue pigment was most beautiful and durable color.
Mayan people were also developing the technology for adjusting colors,
and it was not only for the Mayan blue but also for red, green,yellow, and indigo.
We hope you will enjoy the Mayan color which made of natural pigments.

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