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True Gesso Ground (Ammannitura)

Brand: ゼッキ|ZECCHI
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750ml JPY 4,400 tax in (JPY 4,000)
2.5L JPY 10,450 tax in (JPY 9,500)


Free shipping to Japan for orders of JPY 20,000 excluding tax or more.


Today, gesso is often made with acrylic resin, but its original formulation was made with rabbit glue. This True Gesso is a reproduction of the classic gesso used as a base for panels, using Sottile plaster and rabbit glue. When using this product, dilute it with about 20-30% water and apply a thin coat. After it is completely dry, polish it with #80 to #240 sandpaper for a smooth and absorbent base.

※If you want to make a thicker gesso ground, apply more coats (as many as you like) when the moisture on the surface has worn off. It is not recommended to leave the gesso ground to dry for more than one day, otherwise, the dried base layer will not blend well with the wet top layer and it may cause bubbles and cracks. It is not suitable for use on canvases stretched on wooden frames or stretcher bars due to its lack of flexibility.

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