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Sunago set

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This starter set has been assembled for a beginner to Sunago, Japanese traditional technique.
A small amount of metal leaf, Sunago-tsutsu (coarse) are inside the box.
Sunago is a technique to make the metal leaf smaller through the cylinder-shaped bamboo and spread it out on the paper.
It is often used as a decoration of Sutra, Ryoshi (Japanese writing paper). In painting, it is used as an expression of ground or haze instead of pigment.

1. Put the metal leaf in the Sunago-tsutsu by using bamboo tweezers.
2. Apply animal glue on the Washi paper by using a flat brush.
3. Rub the metal leaf with a brush in Sunago-tsutsu before the animal glue gets dried.
4. Press it with using the paper, and make it fix.

◇Set includes:◇
Sunago-tsutsu Arame (Coarse), animal glue liquid, brush, flat brush, Hakubashi (Bamboo tweezers), Kirimawashi (brass, aluminum), Bamboo washi paper.

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