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Watercolor Metal Box 12

Brand: ゼッキ|ZECCHI
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ZECCHI Watercolor is manufactured according to the classical European method. Unlike general watercolor paint nowadays _ usually mixing artificial additives such as glycerin with dextrin - ZECCHI Watercolor adds honey to gum Arabic, exactly the same classical way as people have been doing since the Renaissance period. Not only does honey preserve moisture in the paint, but it serves as antiseptic as well. On top of that, colour pigments utilized in the products are vibrant and of high density, amongst which even rare classical ones like Dragon’s Blood are included.

503 Cadmium Yellow Light / 507 Indian Yellow / 512 Cadmium Red Light
518 Primary Red / 523 Ultramarine Blue Deep / 527 Cerulean Blue
534 Viridian / 544 Yellow Ocher / 548 Burnt Sienna
550 Raw Umber / 549 Burnt Umber / 557 Ivory Black

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