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European glue (Rabbit・Ox) / Holbein

Brand: ホルベイン|Holbein
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This type of glue has existed as a painting material in Europe since ancient times.

The glue granules swells in water at room temperature and dissolves when heated.

The Glue has low density but high adhesion, making it suitable as a spreadable color material for pigments and as a binder for creating an absorbent foundation.

It is commonly used as a filler for boards, cloth, and paper, also as a base for Nihonga (Japanese paintings), tempera paintings, oil paintings, etc.

Before use, dissolve the product in cold water, then melt the glue in a container placed in hot water.

<Physical Properties Value>

14.6 mPa・s(Viscosity)

JS 296g (Jelly Strength )

pH 5.7

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