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Stretcher Bars (A) Size50

Brand: マルオカ工業|MARUOKA
amount/size price
Standard M50 JPY 11,770 tax in (JPY 10,700)
Standard P50 JPY 11,770 tax in (JPY 10,700)


Free shipping to Japan for orders of JPY 20,000 excluding tax or more.


For the wood frame A, only wood from old growth forests more than 200 years old is used and carefully selected as a material so that the radial cutting is on the front surface, preventing warpage and curving. The material wood is Western red cedar (Cupressaceae) imported mainly from the northern West Coast of America or Canada. Unlike Japanese cedar, the wood surface is dark brown with narrow annual rings, and so straight material with stiffness and durability can be obtained since the wood has grown in a cold weather condition in the northern United States and Canada. This is strong and has excellent rigidity; therefore, it has the holding strength that does not lose to the strong pull of the large-type canvas. The canvas can be re-covered multiple times.
Frame thickness: 25.0 mm

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