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Pure Gold Powder Shoichibu 0.4g

Brand: 京都金属箔粉工業|Kyoto Metal foil Powder Co.
Material: 23.44K (Gold 97.666%、Silver 1.357%、Copper 0.977%)
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A fine grained, reddish pure gold pigment made from Jun-Kinpaku Kirimawashi (pure gold leaf flake).
It is used for paintings, elegant Buddhist altars, and Kintsugi (golden joinery).
Quantity 0.4g

Gold/silver metal leaf is pulverized into fine powder by kneading it into small pieces with melted glue, and these pieces are called "Kinkeshi / Ginkeshi" (Metal powder) or "Kindei / Gindei " (Metal paint).

After kneading, wash out the animal glue by rinsing with a large amount of water, and then dried to become a fine, smooth and flexible powder like flour.

How to use the Gold Powder with Animal Glue:

1. Put the gold powder in a ceremic plate.

2. Add a little bit of animal glue and knead it well.
※During the process, heat the plate on an electric stove and rub it against the plate until your fingers are slightly colored by the burned pigment.
※This is called "Yaki-tsuke". Repeat the step two or three times to enhance the color.
※This step is optional.

3. Once the glue and powder are well mixed, add the same amount of water.
※To dilute it further, thinning it by adding equal amounts of glue and water.

4. Scoop it out of the plate with a Kinder Brush or a Menso-fude (fine brush).

5. After use, add boiling water and stir well to separate the glue from the powder, once the powder has deposited, remove the supernatant.

6. It can be reused up to 3 ~5 times by repeating the steps above.

※Acrylic medium is not reusable

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