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Natsuge Saishiki

Brand: 中里|NAKASATO
Material: Sable, Horse, Deer hair
amount/size price
Small Tip16×Φ6mm JPY 1,320 tax in (JPY 1,200)
Medium Tip19×Φ7mm JPY 1,430 tax in (JPY 1,300)
Large Tip22×Φ8mm JPY 1,650 tax in (JPY 1,500)
ExtraLarge Tip26×Φ8mm JPY 1,980 tax in (JPY 1,800)


Free shipping to Japan for orders of JPY 20,000 excluding tax or more.


This has mixed hairs of weasel hair, Horsehair, and deer hair. This is a coloring brush with taste for the specialist. The touch is stronger when compared to other coloring brushes, and straight and honest lines can be painted. Compared to other coloring brushes, the melting speed of the rough mineral pigment is good.

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