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Kahin Meisei

Brand: 名村大成堂|NAMURA
Material: Deer, Horse, Goat hair
amount/size price
Small Tip32×Φ10mm JPY 6,820 tax in (JPY 6,200)
Medium Tip40×Φ11mm JPY 7,700 tax in (JPY 7,000)
Large Tip45×Φ12mm JPY 9,900 tax in (JPY 9,000)


Free shipping to Japan for orders of JPY 20,000 excluding tax or more.


This has a combination of specially selected goat hair, Horse tail hair, and deer hair. This is a paintbrush with a maneuverable tip, and the change in the touch can be expressed easily. This has the firmest core among the Meisei brushes.

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