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Milk Casein

Material: Milk Proteins
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Milk Casein is a colorant derived from milk protein. It is swollen with water and dissolved in a strong alkali such as ammonium carbonate.

[How to use:]
1. Add 125g of water to 50g of casein and let it swell overnight in the refrigerator.
2. Take it out of the refrigerator after one night and prepare 15g of ammonium carbonate for dissolving casein with 30g of water.
3. Add the ammonium carbonate solution to the swollen casein and stir well.
4. When the casein is dissolved by the ammonium carbonate, warm it up in a container placed in hot water, then gradually add 125g of water to the mixture.
5. Once dissolved, remove the container from the hot water and add 15g of glycerin and 0.9ml of fungicide.
6. Lastly, leave it at room temperature for about 6 hours to remove the foam on the top layer with a plastic spoon.

※Please note that the container should be made of glass when dissolving because metal containers may cause corrosion.

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