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Mizuneri Cobalt Blue WP-20

Material: PB28 / Cobalt Alminate Blue Spinel
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20ml JPY 2,090 tax in


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Inorganic Pigment
Weather Resistant ★★★
Alkali Resistance ◎
※The rating is based on the manufacturer's standards.

The water-based pigment paste "Sui-sai" is a painting material that is kneaded without adding any medium (adhesive) to the pigments, allowing the painter to freely choose the medium according to his or her own expression.

It does not contain any binder (glue).
By adding vehicles such gum arabic, acrylic emulsion, or animal glue, the Pigment Paste becomes water-based paints.
The Pigment Paste is also ideal for block printing.
※)Unlike powdered pigments, the Holbein Pigment Paste cannot be mixed with oil paints.

Japanese Pigment paste in blues (water-based pigments)? for people who prefer tube paste then powders!

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