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Hyakusenboku 74 Eiga

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
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Hyakusenboku 74 Eiga JPY 81,400 tax in


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In terms of its composition, the dispersion of carbon particles is suppressed, and within the overall flashy color, there is a harmony of strength, sharpness, and brightness of color. We added redness and white light. In terms of color, there is a bluish purple color within a sharp blueness. This becomes the calm blue with a bluish purple-type sharpness and warmth. If used for ink stick paintings, it becomes a strong and beautiful blue that comes out even more. The shinsen fuki and kyokujitsu tosho have different kanjis at first, but they can both be used for paintings. As it gets older, we believe its personality will get stronger. Manufactured in 1989

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