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In-dei (Inkpad) Koshoku (Deep Red) 1oz

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
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20g (Round 68×26mm) JPY 3,080 tax in


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In-dei is a red inkpad used for stamping seal.
It is made of cinnabar, a natural pigment, which is rich in dense fibers, therefore, even the finely carved textures of the seal can be seen when it is used.
You may choose the color according to your preference.
※The container is made of ceramic. The design and size of the product may differ from the image.

Made by Xiling Seal Art Society in Shanghai, China

<How to use:>
Use a specialized spatula to mix and knead well from the bottom of the red paste to form a round dumpling shape before use.
Especially when the In-dei is freshly purchased, it may contain a lot of oil, so make sure to remove the oil by using greaseproof paper before kneading.
In winter, the paste may harden up due to the low temperature. You can soften the paste by kneading and warming it up with your hand temperature.
When stamping a seal with the In-dei, instead of giving too much pressure, slightly tap on the inkpad and the color will sticks evenly to the seal surface.
It is not always possible to stamp the seal perfectly in one go. If this is the case, use an In-ku (a seal positioning tool) and stamp it two or three times to finish.

※The way of using In-dei is fully explained in the PIGMENT VIDEO course, "Carving Signature Seal."
※The color of the inkpad may vary slightly even for the same model.
※Please note that the design of the ceramic container for the In-dei may differ from the image.

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