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Alginate liquid 1%

Material: Sodium alginate・Water・Preservative
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150ml JPY 880 tax in


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PIGMENT TOKYO's original Alginate liquid.
It is a thickening agent for glue made from seaweed.
Use it in the same way as Funori (glue plant) for applying metal leaf.

Add 1 sodium alginate against 2~3 animal glue for adhering metal leaves or coarse pigments.

Please adjust it to preferable thinkness for other uses.

※Some animal glues' viscosity can be easily increased with the use of sodium alginate. Please try it with a small volume first.

Preservative component included. Can be stored in the refrigerator for a year.

If the glue has frozen in the low temperature, warm it up by putting the glue bottle in the boiling water or cook it in a vessel such as glue pan.

※Please use a clean spoon and towel for scooping and wiping. Dirty spoon or rag can lead to rot and mold.

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