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Water Color EZUMI

Brand: 墨運堂|Boku-Undo
Material: Pigment, Soot, Gum Arabic
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Shadow Black 6 colors set JPY 1,584 tax in


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"EZUMI" is a watercolor paint produced by Boku-Undo.
It was developed based on the Sumi ink manufacturing methods cultivated in the Sumi manufacturer that has been in business since 1805, with particular attention to hue, brightness, saturation, and color rendering.
While traditional Sumi ink stick is made from soot and animal glue, EZUMI is made from watercolor (pigments + gum arabic) mixed with soot.
Each color is capable of creating a wide range of color values; deep, opaque shadow color when used straight and a series of subtle transparent colors when diluted with water.
The neutral colors have a beautiful tone of Sumi ink that cannot be obtained by mixing paints.
The watercolor pans are dry, so wet them with a brush, and they turn into a liquid right away. 

Reddish Black, Yellowish Black, Greenish Black, Bluish Black, Purplish Black, Brownish Black

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