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FINETEC F2400 Pearl Watercolor 24 colors set

Brand: ホルベイン|Holbein
Material: Watercolor
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24 colors set JPY 16,500 tax in


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FINETEC  Pearlescent Colors is the watercolor which is made using specially purified natural gum arabic and pearly polarizing pigments.The surface has unique wavy form created by the special manufacturing process.It was developed with artists and calligraphers, and it is suitable for using with not only brushes but also nib pens and glass pens. There is no limitation for creativity and creation. Each color can be mixed together and also it can be used with other kinds of paints. Let's make an accent on your creation with FINETEC  Pearlescent Colors and Flip-Flop Colors.


【Watercolor/水彩絵具】  Introducing a new watercolor product! ✨ FINETEC pearlscent color is the watercolor consist of natural gum arabic and high quality pearl pigment which was produced from the idea of artist and calligrapher. Can be used with a brush and a glass dip pen! Express your new creativity  and give an accent to your artwork?‍♀️  ファインテックパールセントカラーは 特別に精製された天然アラビアゴムと 高質な真珠光沢、偏光顔料を使用した 水溶性絵具です!アーティストや カリグラフィー作家と開発し、 筆だけでなくペンやガラスペンなどにも 適しています。 ファインテックパールセントカラー だ創作の幅を広げ、普段の創作にアクセント を加えてみませんか?   FINETEC F2400 Pearl Color24 colors set FINETEC F1200 Pearl Color 12 colors set FINETEC F602 Pearl Color 6colors set(blue) FINETEC F603 Pearl Color 6colors set(red) *Tap the product button to see the details! *詳細は商品タグご覧ください。

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