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Eginu Silk Canvas 2 Chohi Deluxe

Material: Silk
amount/size price
2 shaku (≈60cm) ×50cm JPY 1,650 tax in
2 shaku 5 sun (≈75cm) ×50cm JPY 1,980 tax in
3 shaku (≈90cm) ×50cm JPY 2,420 tax in


Free shipping to Japan for orders of JPY 20,000 excluding tax or more.


Eginu Silk Canvas 2 Chohi Deluxe is plain-woven silk for paintings. The thickness varies depending on the number of warp threads used in the weaving process. The silk canvas comes in three different thicknesses. Eginu Silk Canvas 2 Chohi Deluxe is the thinnest of them all.
Silk canvas is used by stretching it over the wooden frame. Unlike other substrates, it is translucent, so you can paint or apply metal leaf from the back of the canvas.

◇Possibility for coloring and applying metal leaf from the back : ◎

◇Compatibility with Art Materials
<Iwaenogu (Mineral pigments)>
The compatibility differs depending on the roughness of the particles, basically the ones with fine particles are more suitable, and the coarser the particles, the less likely to stick on the silk canvas.
◎ No.13 - Byaku
◯ No.10 - No.12
△ No.8 - No.9
✕ No.5 - No.7

<Sumi (Japanese ink)>
◯ Solid inks - Pine soot ink, Oil soot ink, etc.
✕ Liquid inks

In general, almost all kinds of pigments can be used as long as the particles are fine enough and mixed with animal glue (including effect pigments).

<Metal leaf>
You can apply metal leaf on the silk canvas with the use of animal glue.

◇Compatibility with Mediums
◯ Animal glue - Good fixation and preservation
△ AQYLA, Acrylic mediums - Good fixation, but not suitable for mounting or long-term storage
✕ Oil paint and Acrylic gouache - Does not fit well

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