PIGMENT TOKYOおすすめの冬ギフト 2023

PIGMENT TOKYO’s Holiday Gift Selection of 2023

December is the time of year that we gather around and give presents to our loved ones.

In PIGMENT TOKYO, we offer a wide variety of painting materials for professional artists as well as for beginners. Therefore, perhaps this could be a perfect opportunity for those who aren’t familiar with art materials to experience art a little!

1. Soft Pastels

(Left) Gondola Pastel 48-color set
(Middle) Gondola Pastel 66-color set
(Right) Gondola Pastel 150-color set

Soft pastels are drawing materials made by solidifying pigments with a binder(glue). At first glance, they look similar to crayons used in kindergartens and elementary schools.

The main difference from crayons is that the binder of soft pastels is water-based. It does not contain wax and its fixing power is weaker than oil-based binders, so it is necessary to apply a fixing solution called pastel fixative when the drawing is done.

The advantage of this art material is its simplicity and ease of use. For example, if you want to use watercolors or oil paints, you need to prepare a medium, thinning solution and water in addition to the paints, but pastels require only minimal tools.

There are five types of color sets ranging from 48 to 242 colors and you can take a look at all of them through the link below.

PIGMENT TOKYO「Gondola Pastel」

Gondola Pastels are carefully handcrafted one by one to match the colors of Japanese scenery by the Kyoto-based art materials manufacturer, OHKAN KAGAKU KOGYOSHO CO., LTD.

Its compact color sets are perfect for sketching.

The gradation of colors in the boxes looks like our pigment shelves in the store and you can tell how mesmerizing it is by just looking at the packaging.

We hope you will enjoy these made-in-Japan color materials, which were developed by a special request from Chiyoji Yazaki, a painter from the Meiji and Showa eras.

2. Oil Pastels

(Left) Oil Pastel 24-color set

(Middle) Oil Pastel 50-color set

(Right) Oil Pastel Pearl 12-color set

While pastels are made with a water-based binder, oil pastels are solid drawing materials kneaded with an oil-based binder. In other words, the texture is similar to crayons but the main difference of oil pastels from school art supplies like crayons is the richness of color and smoothness of touch when drawing with them.

In particular, Sennelier oil pastels are made with the finest and most concentrated pigments, waxes and non-drying binders. As a result, it has excellent lightfastness and opacity which makes it possible to draw with great intensity and clarity of the colors.

Their moderate hardness makes them possible for heavy expressions such as oil painting.  Adding oil painting medium expands their potential even more by allowing layering and blending techniques.

Since oil mediums are used, oil pastels can be painted on various materials such as cardboard, wood, plywood, ceramics, plaster, metal, plastic, glass, and film.

In the first place, this oil pastel was produced by Henri Goetz, a Parisian painter who asked to manufacture oil-based stick paints for his friend, Pablo Picasso. When it was first released, there were 48 colors in total, but today you can find up to 120 colors.
In PIGMENT TOKYO, we carry 24-color and 54-color sets, as well as a 12 pearl color set.
The 24-color set is suitable for those who want to try them out, on the other hand, the 54-color set is highly recommended for professional artists who plan to create bigger artwork.

3.Gansai Tambi

(Left) Gansai Tambi 12 colors
(Middle) Gansai Tambi 18 colors
(Right) Gansai Tambi 24 colors

Gansai Tambi is a series of solid transparent watercolors that have vivid colors and dissolve quickly in water. 

There are 100 color variations inspired by the Japanese color palette.

We have five different sets, from 12 to 48 colors.
For more information, please check the link below.


As Gansai Tambi can be easily painted with a brush dipped in water, there are multiple situations in which you can use them, such as drawing to decorate letters, watercolor paintings, and illustrations.

Another feature of this series is the use of human and nature-friendly raw materials. The materials are safe both during and after use, meeting international safety standards in consideration of health and the environment. (AP Mark certified by the American Painting Materials Association)

Based on the concept of Gansai Tambi, more series with effect colors are available such as "Gem Colors", "Pearl Colors", "Starry Colors" and "Opal Colors".

For more details, please refer to the following article.

Gasai Tambi, Harmony of Japanese and Effect Pigments

Moreover, sending a gift with message cards is a must need!

Here are the PIGMENT TOKYO's original gift cards that would be a lovely addition.

(Left)Original Gift Card / Plum
(Middle)Original Gift Card / Pine
(Right) Original Gift Card / Bamboo

The lovely patterns of pine, bamboo, and plum are cut out by laser cutter, and each comes with an envelope decorated with Mt. Fuji. The colors of the cards will slightly show through the dots on the mountain when the cards are placed in the envelopes.

Perhaps a handwritten thank you letter is the best way to express your daily gratitude or feelings that cannot be expressed through phones and emails. 

Furthermore, there are "Metal Leaf Cards"  by Rekiseisha which are famous for professionally designed metal leaf products.

PIGMENT TOKYO「Metal Leaf Cards」


We also carry many other art supplies that make great gifts, such as the Metal Leaf Gift, PIGMENT Original Brush Set, and more.

PIGMENT TOKYO shopping bags are available for those who will hand over gifts in person. Wrapping services are available too.

PIGMENT TOKYO wishes you a wonderful holiday season by bringing you all kinds of special art gifts!

Translated by Atsumi Okano and Nelson Hor Ee Herng
PIGMENT TOKYO Art Materials Experts


大矢 享

Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO


Born in 1989 in Tokyo. Master of Fine Art and Design at Nihon University College of Art. While working at PIGMENT TOKYO as an Art Materials Expert, he also continues his career as a visual artist.

Born in 1989 in Tokyo. Master of Fine Art and Design at Nihon University College of Art. While working at PIGMENT TOKYO as an Art Materials Expert, he also continues his career as a visual artist.