shu uemura × PIGMENT「絵画とメイクにおける色の魔力〜人々が追い求めた美への術〜」

shu uemura × PIGMENT TOKYO “The Power of Colors in Paintings and Make-up”

In PIGMENT COLOR PHILOSOPHY, we invite professionals from various fields, to talk about the colors in their field and explore the philosophy behind.

The vol.4 was held with shu uemura international artistic director, uchiide and PIGMENT chief Iwaizumi, under the theme of “The Power of Colors in Paintings and Make-up”.

The glass table of PIGMENT was beautifully decorated with shu uemura’s products.

uchiide started off the event with the talk about “relationship between the brand and art”.

It was not until recently that people recognized the affinity between art and makeup. One of the pioneers who incorporated the art thinking into makeup was shu uemura, said uchiide.

shu uemura’s creative, the eye shadow palette that reminds us of paint pallet for art, and the brushes in various shapes might be the refection of those art thinking.

Then the session moved into the main subject.

In terms of material science, makeup and art, especially paintings have very high affinity, said the chief Iwaizumi. First similarity is the materials. Currently pigments used in cosmetic products are specially made for the skins, which have taken a number of safety tests. However, in the past, pigments for painting were used for makeup as well. We can also see that painting and cosmetic have the same roots from the Japanese translation of pigments “ganryo (顔料)”, which means to touch up a face.

Next, Iwaizumi talked about the similarity in layers.

In the makeup process, there are layers, starting from skincare, applying foundation, powders, eye makeup, and cheeks. The same goes with paintings, from priming the canvas, and applying paints over and over before finishes with varnish. Participants were very excited to listen to professionals in both makeup and art materials.

In the next session, uchiide gave us a talk about how shu uemura expanded the existing concept of makeup. Mr. Shu Uemura applied makeup on ears, inspired by the “optical art”, one of the art movements at that time. As well as new media appeared in art world in accordance with the advance in technology, he expanded the realms of makeup from various perspectives, responding to the changing times.

After the talk about relationship between art and makeup, the special performance was done by uchiide, applying makeup on a famous painting by Johannes Vermeer, “Woman with a Pearl Necklace”.

He told us that it was his first time putting a makeup on a canvas, but the way he worked on the canvas was exactly like a painter. He applied the makeup on the painting “Woman with a Pearl Necklace”, using shu uemura’s colorful eyeshadow and blush paletts.

While sharing his makeup tips, he turned the simple sketch into a beautiful painting with his phenomenal techniques.

In the Q&A session after talk, participants asked him about the makeup techniques and the future products of shu uemura.

PIGMENT COLOR PHILOSOPHY will be inviting more guests from diverse genres. The next session will be held in August. The detailed information will be uploaded on PIGMENT COLOR PHILOSOPHY entry page of PIGMENT LAB WORKSHOP official page.

Guest Profile

shu uemura international artistic director


International artistic director of shu uemura, who explores of beauty and create new style, succeeding the pioneer spirit of shu uemura. He has worked for a number of fashion shows, editorials and has a widespread recognition overseas.


大矢 享

Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO


Born in 1989 in Tokyo. Master of Fine Art and Design at Nihon University College of Art. While working at PIGMENT TOKYO as an Art Materials Expert, he also continues his career as a visual artist.

Born in 1989 in Tokyo. Master of Fine Art and Design at Nihon University College of Art. While working at PIGMENT TOKYO as an Art Materials Expert, he also continues his career as a visual artist.