Introduce Our Art Material Experts in PIGMENT TOKYO


4 years have passed since PIGMENT TOKYO opened in July 2015.

Thankfully, PIGMENT TOKYO has gained a lot of attentions from various types of industries, and we are continuously growing.

PIGMENT is the lab of exploring “the expression of color and materials”, which also serves as museum, shop and a place to offer workshops. We are the comprehensive creative organization, with activities, research and education related to art materials, the techniques, and its expression.

In PIGMENT, not only artists and researchers who have deep knowledges and experiences in art materials and colors, but we also have specialists in connecting art and businesses. We serve as an atelier, which provide techniques and organize customized plans and projects for companies in Japan and overseas.

In this article, we interviewed our PIGMENT staffs about what it is like to be working at PIGMENT TOKYO.

PIGMENT TOKYO Store Manager /Art Material Expert

Masayoshi Nojo 

―You have been working in PIGMENT TOKYO since the opening, right? Please tell us about the art business of Warehouse TERRADA.

I am working as a PIGMENT TOKYO staff and at the same time, I create my artwork at the studio run by TERRADA. It is very fascinating that the TERRADA covers comprehensive art businesses, not just selling art materials but also managing artwork storage, art studio and holding the art×music event called “Iron Island Festival”.

―Have you learned anything from working at PIGMENT TOKYO as an artist?

Yes. In PIGMENT TOKYO, we have customers from both inside and outside of Japan, which means sometimes I need to use English for communication.

At first, I had some difficulties, but as I spend time here and have talks with people from various countries, I got to speak English naturally. Thanks to that, I was able to present my own artwork in English with confidant when I participated in an art fair overseas.

―Do you have any announcement for your upcoming exhibitions?

I am having my solo exhibition on January 2020 at JD Malat Gallery in London.

This will be a huge exhibition and I am now working on that!

PIGMENT LAB WORKSHOP Instructor / Art Material Expert

Kei Saito

―What is good about working at PIGMENT TOKYO?

One of the good things about working here is that I can cultivate my business perspectives from Warehouse TERRADA, the company that runs PIGMENT TOKYO. Evolving around the storage business, the company explores the way to connect these precious materials and techniques and the society beyond the existing role. All these ideas have given inspirations to my artwork and career as well. Furthermore, the relationships between art supply companies are very close, which gives me the valuable opportunities to gain specialized knowledges. PIGMENT is such place that has supported my basis and growth. 

―Are there any workshops that you hope to plan for the future?

It would be very new if we could have an interdisciplinary workshop, where various genres of art meet together under the theme of art materials. We would like to work on that for implementation.

PIGMENT LAB WORKSHOP Instructor/Art Material Expert

Natsumi Yamasato

―What do you feel about working at PIGMENT TOKYO?

I have created my artwork and researched at the art university, where I acquired my doctorate.

I had always doubted about using the art materials without really knowing and understanding them, so I spent time on research for my further expression. The research was sometimes monotonous, but the knowledges and techniques that I gained there are irreplaceable treasures in my life. It’s been a year since I started to work as PIGMENT staff right after I graduated from graduate school. I am now an instructor of workshops in PIGMENT.

Everything I have learned in university and research is now all connected to the work, which I would never imagine before coming to PIGMENT. Also, during the first year, I lacked my business perspective, but through these workshops, I am learning the marketing and planning of the business and how to manage the projects. PIGMENT is a place where I can challenge myself.

―Is there a moment when you feel very rewarding during the workshop?

Yes. I am more than grateful to see people smiling when they solve their problems during the workshop. Furthermore, some people come back to join another workshop, which motivates me to try harder to meet their expectations. I thought I understood about art through the research experiences, but I realize that the true understanding lies when I could explain the materials to the customers and they truly understand it.

―Do you have any goal that you want to achieve in PIGMENT?

PIGMENT, run by Warehouse TERRADA, is striving to create a new culture beyond the existing rules.

The world of art might look very fancy, but it actually is the repetition of the same work and efforts. You learn, create, and you fail. You learn, create again, and then, fail again. It is painful but I am very happy. I feel like people who participate in the workshop share the same spirit.

There are many places you can learn art; but I feel that we need a place to learn the true nature of art, thoroughly and carefully.

It is my dream to make PIGMENT the place to be.


Art Materials Expert of PIGMENT TOKYO


Art Materials Expert of PIGMENT TOKYO Born in 1989 in Tokyo Master of Fine Art and Design at Nihon University College of Art While working at PIGMENT TOKYO as an Art Materials Expert, he also continues his artist career composing visual art works.

Art Materials Expert of PIGMENT TOKYO Born in 1989 in Tokyo Master of Fine Art and Design at Nihon University College of Art While working at PIGMENT TOKYO as an Art Materials Expert, he also continues his artist career composing visual art works.