How to Order Art Materials at PIGMENT TOKYO’s Online Shop from Abroad


In PIGMENT TOKYO, we ship the products not only to our customers domestically in Japan but also internationally.

We offer a wide range of rare and high-quality art materials from all over the world including natural mineral pigments such as azurite and malachite from the world's highest-grade ores. There are also technologically advanced German industrial pigments and animal glues incorporating the latest technology into classic methods.

For example, the Fish Glue for Sizing 20% is one of our best selling items.

It is a sizing agent and can be used as a glue for applying metal leaf by adding alginate solution.

Moreover, this is another unique item available at PIGMENT TOKYO.

It is a colored metal substrate made with TranTixxii®, a titanium material developed by Nippon Steel Corporation.

It has a wide variety of colors and the surface has given the most advanced treatment that creates color shimmer due to light interference. A variety of painting mediums are applicable, including acrylic paints.

Other than that, Acrylic Emulsions are quite popular as well, which can be kneaded with any pigments to create acrylic paints with your favorite colors.

It comes in a 200g bottle, which is convenient enough for making a lot of paints.

I'm currently away from Japan and had a little problem making art pieces.

I've been looking around the local art supply stores, but it's a little hard to find certain materials overseas.

So for the first time, I tried to purchase the art materials from PIGMENT TOKYO through our online store.

Of course, we do ship our products to all 47 prefectures in Japan, however, we also provide services in both English and Japanese, therefore, you have no worries if you have any questions but you don’t speak Japanese or need English support to make a purchase. 

Without further ado, let’s begin our online shopping journey!

For paint brushes, you can select the size with the image like above.

SK Meteor is one of my favorites.

If you are purchasing paints, you can pick a color from the palette here......,

To find the paint you want.

This time I put a tube of Matsuda Acrylic Paint in my shopping cart.

Matsuda's paints have a high pigment concentration and provide a perfect shade of color that I cannot find anywhere else.

Next are the pigments. This color finding system also works with mineral pigments and other pigments, and not to mention, PIGMENT TOKYO has a wide selection of effect pigments.

Once you've added everything to your shopping cart, you can proceed to the payment.

You can purchase as a guest, but I recommend that you register as a member so that you will be able to receive newsletters and view your purchase history.

Now let's proceed with the procedure.

This page is to create your account. If you enter your email address, you will receive an URL to sign up for the membership to your address.

Please register within 24 hours from the URL you receive.

After completing the registration, you can now enter your shipping address.

This page shows you the total amount of the items in your shopping cart and the shipping cost.

(*Please note that this is an estimate of your shipping cost and you may be received an email separately if there is any over or underage of the fee. There will not be any additional charge without your confirmation.)

Next, enter your credit card information and once the payment is complete, you will see the following page.

(*We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Union Pay credit cards. Please note that we accept credit payment only, no bank transfer or collect on delivery.)

Afterwards, you will receive an email confirming your purchase.

You can also check your previously purchased products, video contents and workshops you have attended on the member page, therefore, feel free to make good use of it!

We’re having DHL as our international shipping carrier at this moment.

You can track your package and see delivery information on their website.

It took about a week for the package to arrive where I live. 

Packaging is a matter, especially for international shipping. The products were wrapped nicely with cushioning materials to prevent breaking anything.

(*Customs clearance or import tax will be informed when shipping internationally from Japan. Customs policies vary widely depending on countries, therefore, please contact your local customs office or DHL for more information.)

Last but not the least, the delivery time may be different depending on your location. 

I hope by sharing my experience will help simplify the shopping procedure and

PIGMENT TOKYO is looking forward to receiving your orders from all over the world!


Art Materials Expert of PIGMENT TOKYO


Born in 1989 in Tokyo. Master of Fine Art and Design at Nihon University College of Art. While working at PIGMENT TOKYO as an Art Materials Expert, he also continues his career as a visual artist.

Born in 1989 in Tokyo. Master of Fine Art and Design at Nihon University College of Art. While working at PIGMENT TOKYO as an Art Materials Expert, he also continues his career as a visual artist.