Private Workshop for Corporate Customers

Art for Your Business

What comes up in your mind when you hear the word “art”?

Something that is not familiar with you, something that you feel, or you might think it is for people with aesthetic sensibility. Art was originally a tool for delivering message. Then, it has eventually changed its form to things such as letters and has become part of our daily life up until now.

Therefore, we think that art is something that exists “inside” of us, not outside of us. Take a pigment for example, it has hundreds of stories, from its history, economy, culture to science. In other words, by means of art as a media, we are able to connect with all kinds of things, where we can cultivate our art thinking.

PIGMENT offers a customized workshop of “colors”. We are looking forward to the requests from people who work with colors but also from anyone who wants to apply art thinking to business.


The Material World through Colors and Textures

Client: Automobile Company

Everything we see has a color and texture. Even when the color tone is the same, a different texture gives you different impression. Expression can be changed depending on the composition patterns of the pigments and the type of the binder. Therefore, you can utilize it when you prototype your color of the products.
In our past workshop, clients felt the differences in the impression by painting an egg-shaped object, based on the lecture about the materials. In this workshop, you will find your original color and texture by blending the pigment and binder.

The Stories of “Color” by History

Clients: Cosmetic Company, Fashion Brand

All through the ages, people have been attracted by colors and behind them has countless of stories.
In this course, you will learn the history of colors, origin of the materials and make your own color by blending the pigments. We also offer customized course according to your request, such as the lecture about the brand color or making a sample of trend color, and help you become better versed in colors.

Japanese Paintings for Beginners

Client: International Entertainment Company

Japanese Paintings, as typified by Kano school, Rin school and Jakuchu in Edo period, are seemingly difficult to paint by its high designability. However, once you understand the process and find the tip for it, you will soon be able to paint them. In this course, the instructor will teach the technique of Japanese paintings under the theme of “the beauties of nature”. Also, you will find differences and similarities between western paintings, and learn a true uniqueness that Japanese culture has through material, environment and philosophy.

The Flow

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Please note that it will take at least two months for the arrangement.

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