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Payment Method

We accept Bit coin, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Union Pay credit cards.

*We do not accept bank transfer or collect on delivery.

Shipping and Delivery

We ship to Japan, and Asia, Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East, Europe, South America, and Africa the only countries and areas where EMS (Express Mail Service) offered by Japan Post is available.
*Due to the aircraft flight reductions and suspensions caused by the global spread of the COVID-19, we are temporarily delivering by DHL depending on the region.
Your items will arrive in 3-5 business days.
Shipping costs: 1,000 JPY Flat Rate Shipping
Free shipping to Japan for orders of 20,000 JPY excluding tax or more.
*Please note that we charge extra for oversized items (i.e. canvases, fabrics, panels)
Your items will arrive in 5-7 business days with EMS or DHL.
Shipping costs vary depending on your ship-to country and amount/weight of items.
We revised the shipping costs. (May 19th,2020)
* For the safety confirmation by the delivery company, some of the parcels may be unpacked for confirmation.
We apologize for the inconvenience because of the uncertain and constantly changing situation. Thank you for your understanding.

*Please refer to the following.
International Delivery Weight (Including Packing Materials)
〜2kg 2kg~5kgまで
Region ASIA ¥4,300 ¥6,000
Oceania, North America,
Central America and the Middle East

※Additional shipping costs may occur for delivers to Middle East.
¥5,500 ¥6,500
EUROPE ¥5,500 ¥8,000
South America and Africa ¥6,500 ¥12,500
International Delivery
Region ASIA
Weight 〜2kg 2kg~5kg
¥4,300 ¥6,000
Region Oceania, North America,
Central America and the Middle East
Weight 〜2kg 2kg~5kg
¥5,500 ¥6,500
Weight 〜2kg 2kg~5kg
¥5,500 ¥8,000
Region South America and Africa
Weight 〜2kg 2kg~5kg
¥6,500 ¥12,500
※For deliveries to Middle East regions, you may receive contact about additional shipping costs.
Customs Procedures You may be required to pay additional charges for customs clearance or import tax depending on the country in which you're receiving the product.
Please note that the recipient will be charged these taxes and fees, so make a payment to the carrier upon delivery.
Customs policies vary widely from country to country, so please contact the customs office of the country in which you're receiving the products for further information.

Returns and Replacements

Return time and policies: If the item was damaged or defective, or if you received an item different from your order, please let us know within seven days of receipt of the delivery via Contact Us. In case of shipping damage, follow Section 6 and please let us know immediately.
You will not be able to exchange your item if it is no longer in stock, such as a limited product. Please note that we will not accept returns or exchanges in the following cases:
<Returns and exchanges must not be>
  • ・returns and exchanges due to the customer (The color is different from the customer expected, etc.)
  • ・returns and exchanges due to errors by the customer (Different paper size, etc.)
  • ・over eight days from delivery
  • ・items have been used
  • ・damaged or stained by customer
  • ・box or instructions are damaged, lost, stained or discarded
  • ・processed or repaired by customer
  • ・sale item
  • ・ordered for customer
Returning cost: Customer will pay the return cost if the customer wishes to return the item. However, we will bear the return cost for the exchange of a defective item or wrong delivery.
Defective item: If you received wrong item or defective item, please let us know within seven days of receipt of delivery. We will bear the return cost for it and send a replacement or exchange immediately. Please note that you cannot request replacement or exchange after seven days from receipt of delivery.
Damages due to a Delivery Accident Risk of accidental damage to the product after we dispatch will be borne by the customer.
We take great care to manage, store, and deliver our products. But in the event a package is damaged or dirty when you receive it, please open the box and check the item condition before signature as the recipient.
If you are satisfied with the condition then you can receive your item.
If the item is damaged, you'll be able to indicate "Refused by addressee."
At the same time, you should request the local delivery post office to prepare a "Damage report."
The "Refused by addressee" item will be returned to the sender in Japan, unconditionally.
The "Damage report" will be used when querying the claim after the item has been returned to Japan.
Please inform us about the shipping damage via the Contact Us form.
Replacement product will be sent after checking and accepting the returned item.
However, in China, if the exterior suffers any damage, it will not be delivered.
The delivery post office keeps the item temporarily and notice of the damage will be sent to the addressee.
The recipient should visit the post office to check the condition of the item. The post office will create the "Damage report."
If there are no abnormalities on the exterior, but obviously the item was damaged during shipping, visit the local post office and ask it to prepare a "Damage report."
Then return the item to the sender (to us).
The "Damage report" will be used when querying the claim after the item has been returned to Japan.
Please inform us about the shipping damage via the Contact Us form.
Replacement product will be sent after checking and accepting the returned item.
However, the post office in China often does not prepare the "Damage report," but please keep asking until they prepare the report.


E-mail:Contact Form
Business Hours: 11:30 to 19:00 (*Closed on Mondays & Thursdays)
* We will reply to you as soon as possible, but it may be the next business day or after two business days due to a holiday.


Where can I find the tracking number of my purchase?
It will be provided in the shipping notification e-mail.
When and how can I cancel my order?
The order can be canceled before the shipping process begins. Please contact us as soon as possible in case of cancellation.

About Products

The prices of some items are not provided. Where can I find the prices?
There are rare and valuable items in PIGMENT, and some of them cannot be purchased online. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
What is the purchase unit of pigments?
Each pigment can be purchased by the 15 grams.
How can I use pigment and other items?
Pigment cannot be adhered to other materials on its own, and needs the binder called the vehicle (acrylic, oil, gum Arabic, glue, etc.). Pigment is mixed with a vehicle, and then used for painting.
Are wooden frames and panels made in Japan? What size do you carry?
All wooden frames and panels are made in Japan. Please refer to the following for size details.
measurement : cm
Size F P M S
0 18.0×14.0 18.0×12.0 18.0×10.0 18.0×18.0
1 22.0×16.0 22.0×14.0 22.0×12.0 -
S.M 22.7×15.8 - - 22.7×22.7
2 24.0×19.0 24.0×16.0 24.0×14.0 -
3 27.3×22.0 27.3×19.0 27.3×16.0 27.3×27.3
4 33.3×24.2 33.3×22.0 33.3×19.0 33.3×33.3
5 35.0×27.0 35.0×24.0 35.0×22.0 -
6 41.0×31.8 41.0×27.3 41.0×24.2 41.0×41.0
8 45.5×38.0 45.5×33.3 45.5×27.3 45.5×45.5
10 53.0×45.5 53.0×41.0 53.0×33.3 53.0×53.0
12 60.6×50.0 60.6×45.5 60.6×41.0 60.6×60.6
15 65.2×53.0 65.2×500 65.2×455 65.2×65.2
20 72.7×60.6 72.7×53.0 72.7×50.0 72.7×72.7
25 80.3×65.2 80.3×60.6 80.3×53.0 80.3×80.3
30 91.0×72.7 91.0×65.2 91.0×60.6 91.0×91.0
40 100.0×80.3 100.0×72.7 100.0×65.2 100.0×100.0
50 116.7×91.0 116.7×80.3 116.7×72.7 116.7×116.7
What percentage of emulsion is used for Acrylic Emulsion 2235?
It is 46.5%.
Can I make watercolors?
Gum Arabic is used as a vehicle for watercolor.
What is “尺(syaku)” or “寸(sun)” ?
They are units of length formerly used in Japan.
One syaku is about 30.3cm, and one sun is about 3.03cm.
What is “菊判(kikuban)” ?
It is a unit of paper or book size, and the size is about 939mm (length) x 636mm (width).


When are PIGMENT business hours?
PIGMENT is open from 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM, and closed on Mondays and Thursdays.
* If we have any other changes in our business hours, we will notify them on the NEWS page of PIGMENT website, Twitter, or and Facebook.


Do you have any workshops utilizing PIGMENT products? Do you have any workshops in English?
We have workshops on Saturdays and Sundays.