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SS Bokuchi Shaken Tennen

SS Bokuchi Shaken Tennen

The inkstone plate rotates diagonally, therefore, the ink stick and the inkstone plate meet at points and not surfaces. For that reason, the weight is concentrated, and a grinded ink stick solution with fine particles along with a fine inkstone surface can be gained in a short amount of time. It grinds as it lifts the water, therefore, the ink stick does not remain immersed in water, and it prevents cracks and maceration. Standard: natural stone Product size: 118 maru × 27 mm Exterior size: 125 × 125 × 30 mm Exterior weight: 186 g Product weight: 160 g Packaging material: paper box * natural stone inkstone grinding amount…30-40 mL

 Tennen 6,000yen

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