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【PIGMENT Original】YInMn Blue Oil color

Brand: Manufacturing:Holbein
JPY 8,800 tax in
(JPY 8,000 )
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PIGMENT TOKYO original limited edition YInMn blue oil color is now available !
*Please not that this product is only shipped within Japan.

YInMn Blue is drawing attention as the first synthetic inorganic pigment in almost 200 years. It was discovered fortuitously by a science team led by Professor Subramanian at Oregon State University while researching new raw materials for use in electrical systems.

The inspiration behind naming YInMn Blue comes from what some people may recall, the International Klein Blue, named by the French artist Yves Klein.
However, Klein blue is not technically a new blue, as it is said to be made based on synthetic ultramarine that was developed after the 19th century.

On the other hand, YInMn Blue is a color material developed when exploring the electronic properties of manganese oxide by heating high temperatures and was named by combining the contained elements which are Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese.
The most significant feature of this color is that it absorbs red and green light wavelengths and reflects blue light wavelengths.

When applied to a surface, the color is similar to synthetic ultramarine blue and has a warm reddish tone that differs from the neutral blue represented by CMYK on printed materials.

Since it also has the characteristic of reflecting infrared rays significantly, it obtains such high vividness. At the same time, it is highly stable as a compound and has excellent durability and lightfastness.

Furthermore, this pigment is particularly resistant to water and oil, making it suitable for use in art production and as an industrial paint for exterior walls since it has passed the durability tests for industrial areas.
This compound pigment does not contain any toxic substances, and therefore, it meets the health and safety issues that are important in today's painting materials.

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