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Carving Signature Seal

Carving Signature Seal
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Our popular workshops are now available on video.
You can see the delicate work of seal-engraving on a larger screen to learn the history and the process of creating a signature seal.
A lot of elegant and specialized tools that the instructor has been using for many years will also be introduced.
If you purchase the seal-engraving set together, you will be able to create your own original seal at home.

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※ Shipping cost will be added when you purchase an art supplies set.
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As it is said, “Signature is Trust” in Japanese proverb, signature seal presents its owner’s status in our culture. Since Japanese culture was influenced by Chinese culture, signature stamps have been used in place of signatures in personal documents, office paperwork, contracts, or any item requiring acknowledgement or authorship.

Even at the present day, sizes of seals are decided depends on situations. For example, an officially registered seal is tending to be larger than the daily used one. Seals used to be made by metals, and high skill in carving is required. However, since stones are started to be used, it became easier for people to carve their own seals.

In Qing dynasty, artists and literati who were awakened to modern self-awareness began engraving to create elegant seals that matched their social status.
This was known as Tenkoku (seal-engraving), and in later times, it became known as ""the etiquette for the literati"" to carve their own seals and use them for their works.

Nowadays, carving a signature seal is familiar as a part of Japanese calligraphy culture. Differ from official document seals, it allows people to demonstrate their individual characteristics. Various shapes of seals such as rectangle, ellipse, heart, and animals have already existed 2000 years ago.
Everyone was once a beginner. It is not necessary to be afraid of carving with a chisel. You can think the failure of carving as pile-up energy for the brush!
This will be a great chance to create your own signature seal, that you will enjoy and can use it in many situations!

Tenkoku can also be said to be the ""realm of the literati"".
Let's grab this opportunity and take a big step into the world of the literati!

Seihou Tanabe

Committee of Carving Seal Association and Fusou Seal Company
Jury of General Foundation Mainichi Calligraphy and Public Interest Incorporated Association Sougen Calligraphy

Works published at Fusou Seal Company’s exhibition, Nitten exhibition, Mainichi Exhibition, and Sougen exhibition

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