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Introduction to Pure Gold Leaf

Introduction to Pure Gold Leaf
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Art Materials set(Introduction to Pure Gold Leaf)
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Our popular workshops are now available online.

Purchasing the art supplies set along with the video is recommended.
We will walk through art materials and the process of creating an artwork, with demonstrations to help you solidify techniques and knowledge in detail. If you follow the instructions, even beginners will find that they can do it with ease!
Of course, the practice video is available by itself.

The video is about painting materials lectured by specialists in the fields.
It is for everyone from beginners at art to professional artists.

We hope you will enjoy the precious experience only available on the PIGMENT Video.

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A passage of yin-yang (positive and negative) written in the beginning of Nihon-Shoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan), Admiration for the sun in Egyptian Art, Glittering Buddhism statues, and the birth of lights told in creation of universe in the bible, the mankind has been worshipped the “light"", and selected the permanent glittering gold to express the “light”. The gold has been used not only for worship but also for the furniture, especially in Japanese Art.

However, since gold has been rare materials now and then,
people used the quality of “Ductility (Easy to stretch)”,” Malleability” and“Conductivity (Easy to conduct electricity)”, to produce thinly stretched metal leaf.

Supported by the high techniques by craft men, people try to discover how to direct the bright space under the environment of dark Japanese houses.

In this video, you can learn the technique of gilding metal leaf ”Hira-oshi"" and ”Men-puta"" by using the pure gold leaf which is one of the wide expressions of metal leaf in the Far East.
The technique of ”HIRA-OSHI” means applying metal leaves on the base material. Since metal leaf is 1mm in 10,000, It is impossible to touch it with your bare hands. Therefore, we put a small amount of non-drying oil on thin paper and adhere to metal leaf and thin paper temporary. The process of this temporary adhesion is called “Akasu”.

The gold leaf must be “Akasu”(stick on a wax paper) before applying onto a Washi (Japanese paper). Then, the part of the painting is covered with a ""Men-puta""(a cover) to prevent the gold leaf from sticking to the surface of the drawing.
Although there might be a few unfamiliar terms, they are actually not that difficult to understand.
Hope you enjoy the luxurious shine of gold in your painting that can only be created with pure gold leaf!
( 42 minutes Video)

・Drawing board with Kozogami Washi (Japanese paper)
・Pure Gold Leaf Shogomo - 10 sheets
・Kiri-kami (Thin Japanese paper) - 10 sheets
・Bamboo tweezers
・Paint brush
・Flat brush
・Palette plate
・Baren ( Rubbing pad )
・Camellia oil
・Usumino-shi (Japanese paper)
・Absorbent cotton wool
・Fish glue
・Alginate liquid
・Baby powder

「Introduction to Pure Gold Leaf」
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Metal leaf : Pure Gold Leaf Shogomo
Way of “Akasu” : Camellia oil + Washi (Japanese paper)
Method : Flat pressing, Men-puta (cover)
Adhesive (glue) : Fish glue

「Introduction to Metal Leaf」
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Metal leaf : Aluminium leaf, Brass leaf
Way of “Akasu” : Akautsushi-gami (Wax paper)
Method : Flat pressing, Sunago (Sprinkle metal flakes)
Adhesive (glue) : Fish glue, Missione all’Acqua

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