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DUO Water Soluble Oil Color 12 colors set

for Beginner for Beginner
Brand: Holbein
12 colors
JPY 8,580 tax in
(JPY 7,800 )


DUO is a water-soluble oil paint.

It can be dampened or diluted with water and can be used without mixing any volatile solvents.

The water-soluble DUO Oil Paint can also create drawing effects that normal oil paints cannot.

For example, using drawing techniques like hatching of thin and dark lines, or creating a painting style that brings out the unique flow and blurring effects of water etc.,
DUO Oil Paint able to bring out all the handling qualities and characteristics of a true oil color.

◇Set includes◇

20ml (No.6 tube) 11-color + 50ml (No.10 tube) White 1pc

Anthraquinone Red, Cadmium Red, Yellow Ochre Natural, Cadmium Yellow, Phthalo Green, Cadmium Green, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Deep, Phthalo Blue, Imidazolone Brown, Spinel Black, Permanent White (50ml)


・DUO Oil Paint can be diluted with water instead of petroleum or other volatile solvents, and the paintbrushes can be cleaned with water. Good for those who are sensitive to strong odors and solvents.

・DUO Oil Paint after dissolving in water, it turns into a new kind of mixed tempera paint. Although it is an oil-based paint, it owns a very unique water-based characteristic. By taking advantage of the water's unique oozing feature and surface tension, you are able to draw seamlessly sharp and dark lines with hatching, bringing an unprecedented new drawing expression to oil painting! As this is an oil paint, once it dries, the result will turn into a robust oil painting that does not dissolve in either water or oil.

・It can be mixed freely with standard oil paints. However, be aware that if you mix more than 30% of standard oil paints or oil painting medium, it will no longer be able to dissolve in water.

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