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PanPastel Painting Extra Dark Shade 20 colors set

Brand: Holbein
20 colors set
13,000 JPY


PanPastel Colors are the latest professional artists’ quality soft pastel colors packed in a unique pan format.
With the special tools provided, the artists can blend and apply dry colors like fluid paint for the first time.
Furthermore, PanPastel Colors were designed for artists to pick up, apply, and adjust colors easily, just like the way normal paints do.
All PanPastel Colors are made by using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in rich, ultra-soft and super-blendable colors.
In addition, they have high color strength and excellent lightfastness.
20 Extradarkshade Colors set provides subdued colors.
Dedicated tools and cases are included in the package.
This set will give you a whole great new experience of pan-pastels the minute you buy it !

Width φ62mm× Height 17mm (×20 colors)
9ml ((×20 colors)

4 x Storage Jars
2 x Sofft Knives
10 x Sofft Covers
3 x Sofft Sponges
3 x Sofft Applicator
20 x Colors – see details below

Hanza Yellow Shade/Diarylide Yellow Shade/ Yellow Ochre Shade/ Orange Shde/ Permanent Red Shade/ Red Iron Oxide Shade/ Magenta Shade/ Violet Shade/ Ultramarine Blue Shade/ Phthalo Blue Shade/ Turquoise Shade/ Phthalo Green Shade/ Permanent Green Shade/ Chromium Oxide Green Shade/ Bright Yellow Green Shade/ Burnt Sienna Shade/ Raw Umber Shade/ Neutral Grey Shade/ Payne's Gray/ Black

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