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PIGMENT SELECT Japanese Painting set/Artificial24

Brand: PIGMENT Selection
20,000 JPY

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This starter pack has been assembled for a beginner to start Iwa-enogu (mineral pigment).
The kit contains 24-colour mineral pigment set comes in small bottles that include both rough and fine particles,
ox glue from PIGMENT TOKYO ORIGINAL special selection,
a flower-shaped palette plate that convenient for dissolving small amounts of multiple mineral pigments and coloring brush.
If you are first trying out on Iwa-enogu and having some struggles with it, this is a perfect package for you!

◇The set contains:◇
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・24-colour Pigments Set (recommendation for a beginner who wanted to try out both rough and fine particles)
・Tokusei Saishiki Colouring Brush (Medium) made of goat and horse hair
・Gin Menso Colouring Brush (Medium) made of sable hair
・Ox glue liquid 20% concentrated (easy for dissolving mineral pigments)
・Plum motif Palette (made of ceramic)
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